NeoClassical Pulse Diagnosis

This interview presents ideas regarding the practice of NeoCLassical pulse diagnosis.

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NeoClassical Pulse Diagnosis is the practice of using premodern pulse diagnostic methods, usually circa Han Dynasty, for the purpose of assessing the condition of the acupuncture channel systems.

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1Pulse diagnosis is an exquisite expression of humanity. Its subjectivity is its power in a world focused upon the objective.

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2In this site, you will find tools for learning pulse diagnosis and resources for learning more.

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3There are pulse diagnosis educational opportunities by tutorial, class and clinic.

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4 I met Leon Hammer in 1992. It was autumn in Boston. And the 2.5 hour drive from the Berkshires in western Massachusetts was on fire, golden-red with green relief. I had moved to the east coast from Los Angeles in part to study with the man. This was my first opportunity. Afterwards, I helped him carry his materials to the car and said to him, “I want to study with you and eventually teach this work.” His response was, “you can’t push the river.” By 1995, I began co-teaching with Hammer. We worked together in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, South Carolina, Washington DC, Gainesville and the Berkshires.

This web page focuses upon pulse diagnosis and related areas of study such as herbal medicine and acupuncture. Research, politics of evidence and related professinal concerns of the field are addressed as they affect the practices associates with those who practice pulse diagnosis. These groups include acupuncturists, medical doctors, naturopaths, bodyworkers, physical therapists, chiropractors, western herbalists. clinical herblists and anyone who may have an interest in using the pulse to inform their course of treatment.

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