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William Morris, PhD, DAOM, LAc is a renowned expert on Chinese pulse diagnosis. He authored Mai Dao: Path of the Pulse, numerous journal papers on the subject and co-authored the PMPH book, Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide. Classics and family lineages provide the foundation for his 30-year focus on the subject of pulse diagnosis. Morris is also author of Chinese Medicine and Transformation. This is a work on stage development and the use of Chinese medicine for addressing the imprints upon the psyche throughout the various stages of life. Morris has designed and taught 2 year herbal programs, authored A Comparative Materia Medicine and has published numerous articles on the topic of Chinese herbal medicine. He is president of AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.

Morris spent 7 years studying Chinese pulse diagnosis in the Ding family lineage. He teaches in the Ding family lineage, weaving that work with a literate discipline that is rooted in the classics. With 20 years of experience teaching pulse diagnosis and a master degree in medical education from USC, Morris has developed a system of practice that weaves the knowledge systems of China into a comprehensive view. He has built a contemporary application of six channel and Eight Extraordinary Vessel pulse methods presented in the Pulse Classic. These methods are verified through contemporary discourse and practice in the field of Chinese medicine. Morris serves as the president and CEO of the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin (www.aoma.edu).



Over the past 7 years, Jon has specialized in Neo-Classical acupuncture and pulse diagnosis. He has apprenticed under Dr. William R. Morris PhD, DAOM, L.Ac., as well as assisted him with many of his seminars on a wide variety of topics. He is well studied in Kiiko Matsumoto style practice and has received advanced training in Master Tung theory, from both Dr. Morris and Dr. Young Wei Chieh.

Jon also practices and is certified in Hari, which is a highly refined form of Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy. He has trained under T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei, Brian S. Neill and Dr. Ehrland Truitt.

Jon graduated with honors in Biomedicine from Northwestern State University, and then obtained his Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at AOMA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine. He is currently a licensed practitioner in Austin, TX.

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Thomas Richardson, LAc, is a practitioner, scholar, and teacher of Oriental medicine. Thomas lived in Boston from 2012-2014, where he received a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard University. His research at Harvard focused on connections between Buddhism, Daoism, and Chinese medicine, as well as trauma, storytelling, and healing. During this time, he was on the faculty at the New England School of Acupuncture and taught Clinical Case Management 1 & 2, dynamic courses that explored all aspects of the clinical encounter—from diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment strategies to patient-practitioner interaction and the self-cultivation of the practitioner.

Thomas received a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2010 from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, where he mentored closely under Will Morris. In addition to over 500 hours of clinical observation and internship with Dr. Morris, Thomas has been a TA for Dr. Morris’ seminars on Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis. Thomas currently lives and practices in Boulder, CO, and is on the faculty at Southwest Acupuncture College. For more information, as well as access to articles that have been published in various journals of Oriental medicine, you can visit his website at www.ExtraordinaryChineseMedicine.com.